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Most beautiful couple in the world


Since the birth of the "Most beautiful couple in the world" industry itself, Hollywood romances "Most beautiful couple in the world" had us captivated from the get go. But why are we so obsessed with the relationships of people we don't even know? With celebrity culture now reaching its peak, it only makes it even more fascinating when two of them start getting it on together.

We all love a story, proven only in cinema, with romantic tragedies one of the longest running themes in showbiz. Therefore, it only makes it a hundred times better when its played out off screen reflecting the same old stories that you have been watching for years. In fact, with the majority of our own lives extremely dull in contrast, it can be a refreshing change to watch real love blossom right in front of our very own eyes.

We admire them, love them and sometimes we want to be them, so when you get two for the price of one it propels you into a whole new fantasy. However, with love often comes scandal, and what better than to watch two of your favorite film stars engage in a bitter war of debauchery and corruption. That's right, playing like a real life soap opera right there on the silver screen, life begins to imitate art, with you as the voyeuristic viewer. So, to celebrate all things Hollywood, here are 15 of the hottest Hollywood couples ever.

Back when Ben Affleck was considered cool and Jennifer Lopez was somewhat relevant, the two of them embarked on a relationship that made the paparazzi believe that Christmas had come early. Labelled 'Bennifer', Most beautiful couple in the world pairing sparked one of the first Most beautiful couple in the world that Hollywood couples first names were infused together, inspiring classics such as 'Brangelina' and 'KimYe', thanks Bennifer!

Meeting in after Lopez's second divorce, Bennifer were engaged not long after, with Lopez flaunting one of the biggest and most extravagant engagement rings to have graced the wonderful world of Hollywood. However, after starring in the box office bomb Gigliand exposing themselves to a number of disastrous and cringe-worthy media events, the two separated, with Affleck calling off their engagement a day before the actual ceremony. With Lopez said to be devastated, Affleck seemed absolutely fine, going on to form Bennifer 2.

The ultimate super couple, or at least one of, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were the scandalous story that the Hollywood press had been patiently waiting for. Meeting on the set of the movie Mr. Announcing their separation not long after the release of the movie, rumors began to spread that Pitt had indeed cheated on everybody's favorite friend. Insisting that they had got together after his divorce, it didn't help things when Jolie claimed that the two had 'fallen in love' on the set of Mr.

Going on to have six children, the pair seemed to be going strong, marrying in after ten years together.

They're literally the most beautiful...

However, announcing their divorce inthe world was shocked, with Jolie citing Pitt's parenting approach as the main cause of separation. Still going strong with over 20 years of marriage under their belts, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are one of the strongest and hottest couples in Hollywood. Attractive they may be, but rock solid they are not, with the pair openly admitting to the difficulties they have faced as a couple. Often plagued by divorce rumors, the twosome are still together, despite attending marriage counseling and openly referring to married life as 'excruciating' at times.

However, that does not stop the speculation, with allegations of cheating, and even accusations regarding the pairs sexuality, The Smith's have often taken to social media to defend their marriage and promptly shake down the rumors. Nevertheless, whatever the case, the famous actors are indeed "Most beautiful couple in the world" beautiful and have also gone on to create two extremely talented kids, with Jaden Most beautiful couple in the world Willow Smith now stars in their own right.

First meeting infunny man Sacha Baron Cohen and actress Isla Fisher quickly embarked on a romance that has lasted until this very day, how sweet. Becoming engaged inthe pair finally married 6 years later after Fisher converted to Judaism. Commenting on her conversion, Fisher stated, 'I will definitely have a Jewish wedding just to be with Sacha.

I would do anything move into any religion to be united in marriage with him. Still as happy as ever, the couple has two daughters and one son, residing in her native Australia and his home country of England. The real life King and Queen of the teen machine, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Freddie Prinze Jr Most beautiful couple in the world it together when the two of them were every teenagers crush during the late nineties.

Obviously extremely Most beautiful couple in the world on the eyes, the pair has often been known to participate in a number of PDA's public displays of affectionoften generating a chorus of "Most beautiful couple in the world" or an 'ew get a room' type comment. Recently celebrating their 14th wedding anniversary, Gellar embraced the moment on her Instagram app by documenting a number of sickly sweet photographs representing the couples journey together.

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Awww, get a room! What's also great is that the two of them are so low key taht you know their love is so real! One of the more recent couples to have been added to the list of most beautiful Hollywood pairings ever, Hollywood actor George Clooney and human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin have actually only been together a couple of years. Meeting through a mutual friend inthe stunning twosome quickly became an item, announcing their engagement only a short while later in Marrying in Italy that same year, the renowned ladies man has seemingly settled down, with pregnancy rumors routinely doing the rounds, as you would expect with any recent romantic wedding.

Madly in love, the pair are the epitome of Hollywood glamor, with the silver fox ex-lothario often seen doting on his stunning and beautiful wife. However, with best pal and wing man Brad Pitt recently announcing his divorce to Angelina Jolie, speculation has suddenly fallen on the state of George and Amal's marriage.

Nevertheless the Clooney's look more in love than ever, plus, have you seen Amal Alamuddin?! He'd be a fool to even think it. Everybody's favorite Hollywood romance, Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams began dating after meeting on the set of Brokeback Mountain in Starring as husband and wife on screen, the two quickly settled into the real life roles off Most beautiful couple in the world, producing a daughter not long after.

Setting up home in Brooklyn, New York, the pair were the ultimate down to earth showbiz Most beautiful couple in the world, turning their backs on the suburbs of Los Angeles and setting up shop in the hustle and bustle constraints of the East Coast. However, with Ledger's drug use starting to become an issue, the pair split, with Ledger sadly succumbing to his habit in Captivating teenagers across the globe, due to their tragic romance Most beautiful couple in the world the popular Twilight franchise, fans world wide rejoiced when it was revealed that the two were actually real life lovers.

Dating Most beautiful couple in the world and off from tothe two became Hollywood's hottest property, becoming something of a real life product that matched their on-screen romance. However, inStewart was Most beautiful couple in the world in a compromising position with director Rupert Sanders, ultimately ending her relationship with Pattinson.

Issuing a public apology soon after, Stewart declared, 'I'm deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I've caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected. This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I'm so sorry'. Probably the coolest pairing of celebrities in the history of showbiz romances, Johnny Depp and Kate Moss were the ultimate IT couple of the nineteen nighties.

Meeting in New York inDepp, 31, and Moss, a measly 20 years old, instantly hit it off.

Whether they're Hollywood superstar duos...

With their romance often described as turbulent, to say the least, it was reported that the couple would often be seen screaming at one another in public, only to be severely making out seconds later. Dubbed the most beautiful couple of all time, Depp and Moss were the hip couple everybody aspired to be, or at least attempted to be.

Lasting a lengthy four years, the two eventually split, despite numerous rumors of engagements. Later admitting that she cried for years and years after their relationship had ended, Moss claimed that Depp was the only man that had ever really 'taken care of her'. Not exactly hitting it off straight away, Gosling apparently took an instant dislike to his then co-star, with reports that he had even tried to have her removed off set.

Obviously patching things up the pair embarked on the romance of the century, with fans believing them to be playing out their favorite movie, right in front of them. Admittedly, kind of cute, Gosling and McAdams dated from towith speculation that Most beautiful couple in the world two would marry and even create mini Goslings and McAdams's to break a number of other hearts in the future.

However, proving that not all dreams can come true, the pair abruptly broke up, with no real answer to why they split in the first place. Leaving on good terms, the pair are often extremely kind when referring to one another during interviews, with McAdams recently stating, 'the best part "Most beautiful couple in the world" the film [the Notebook]?

Whether they're Hollywood superstar duos...

Now get back together! Exhibiting an on, off, on, off kind of relationship, the pair have only been dating for under a year. Both equally stunning, the twosome are often described as the most beautiful couple in showbiz, much like Depp and Moss before them. Constantly posting a number of cringe-worthy photographs on Instagram, the pair is certainly not shy when it comes to showering each other with affection, especially in public.

Professing their love for one another across all kinds of social media, the love birds even starred together in Malik's music video, leaving little to the imagination. However, Most beautiful couple in the world rumors constantly circulating that ladies man Malik has cheated on his supermodel "Most beautiful couple in the world," time will tell if the two are set to make it in the wonderful world of showmance relationships.

Now here is a real love story, meeting inEllen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi instantly embarked on a whirlwind romance, marrying four years later at their home in Beverly Hills, California.

These dynamic duos are always...

Still Most beautiful couple in the world madly in love as ever, the pair are often pictured in the midst of admiration, either taking romantic strolls down the beach or publicly announcing their love for one another. In fact, on their eighth wedding anniversary, DeGeneres sent out a tweet stating 'best thing I ever did'with regards to the pairs nuptials 8 years ago. Like, she is my best friend and I just want to be with her all the time'.

If only Most beautiful couple in the world relationships were like that! On, off, on, off, Aussie hunk Liam Hemsworth and everyone's favorite nut Miley Cyrus have often been the center of a number of gossip columns due to their turbulent and unstable relationship.

Meeting inCyrus and Hemsworth both starred as on screen lovers, which quickly found its way off screen instead. Madly in love the pair were often papped looking fondly into one another's eyes, declaring their love for all "Most beautiful couple in the world" see.

However, as "Most beautiful couple in the world" as they got together, the pair soon split, only to then get back together not long after. Hard to keep up right? Again, back to their old ways of red carpet displays of affection and frolicking on the beach, the two broke up once more, but this time with claims that it was most definitely for real. Obviously, a lie, the love birds soon announced their engagement, with fans everywhere rejoicing at the unexpected news. However, shock horror, the pair soon broke up, yet still to this day provoke rumors with regards to their long lasting relationship.

Well, at least they look good doing it. Marrying inthe wedding was exceptionally private, with only 40 guests in attendance. Known for being confidential with regards to their relationship, the pair seems to have relaxed in recent years, often spotted embracing in public, especially at a number of basketball games.

Announcing the birth of their daughter, Blue Ivy, inthe power couple recently celebrated their 8 year anniversary, however, that's not to say they haven't had their fair share of ups and downs. Talk about relationship goals.

Not only are they extremely famous in their home country of the United Kingdom, but in most corners of the world, it is likely that you will find someone who knows who they are. Meeting inVictoria was then part of the super famous girl group, the Spice Girls, while David was playing for a popular soccer team, Manchester United.

Dubbed, Posh and Becks by the tabloids, the name stuck, unleashing brand Beckham to the rest of the world. Marrying inthe couple went on to have 4 children, Brooklyn, Romeo, Most beautiful couple in the world and daughter Harper. Still as loved up as ever, the husband and wife are often pictured embracing as well as publicly declaring their love for one another on social media. Celebrating over 15 years of marriage, the pair after often extremely supportive of each other's careers, all while making us extremely jealous of their ultimately perfect life and subsequent relationship.

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