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Dating for divorcees in singapore


Log in or Sign up. It takes for ur parents Dating for divorcees in singapore accept that. If your partner is nice to u, your parents shd eventually give their blessings hopefully. Afterall, it is you who is goign to live with this person. I didnt tell my parents that my life partner is a divorcee. Par toh for 6 yrs, less than 5 quarrels and finally decided to get married. Now I realised its not a smart action at all. My divorcee HB is Dating for divorcees in singapore towards marriage.

Only thing we share in common is a kid. Yes yes yes, should work hard to win his trust. Easier to say nia If that man is sincere and nice, time will prove to yur parents that u made the right choice. Well, both me and my HTB are divorcees, difference is I have a kid from my past marriage, aged 7 and he has none.

The first day we got to know each other, we both came clean with each other. Of course my parents didnt disapprove him, like they did my past bfs, cos he was clearly different, responsible, trustworthy, Dating for divorcees in singapore etc. But his side, his parents could not accept me cos I come with a package buy 1 get 1 free! They didnt mind me being a divorcee but the fact bout the kid troubled them.

They became judgemental that since I got preggy at a young age, Im Dating for divorcees in singapore, cheap, bla bla. But HTB knew, understood and stood by me strongly. Even after 5yrs now, he holds his stand whereas his parents dont approve of me. He told them straight that it's his life and he's gonna live it his way. Not to mention he is a filial son to them, not the disrespectful, rebellious sort.

He never swayed from his duties and roles as a filial son before but in my case, he stands firm. I am really lucky I should say. When it comes to my son and HTB, they clicked very well from initial stages. I was not one to introduce my child to all my bfs and let them get to me through him but I got close enough with HTB to get him involved with my family.

Today, my entire family calls HTB if they need help, favours, his presence, good and bad days! Son and HTB are like family, only weird thing is son's so used to calling him uncle over the years that it's weird when we go out and he calls me Mummy and HTB uncle.

He treats him closer than my own family now and is learning to address him as Daddy. Dating for divorcees in singapore

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HTB wise, he's looking forward to marriage with me since years ago, just like I am. He says his past marriage cannot be compared with what we have, he has never compared any ex before with me and what we have is what we Dating for divorcees in singapore specially. The only thing that pricks me is his parents' disapproval of me.

I want them to be present at our wedding and HTB is trying his best to convince them and making them accept me and be present as he knows how sensitive and sentimental I am about it. But I know that even if they strongly chose not to come, HTB Dating for divorcees in singapore not let go.

Jus to check, for 2nd marriage, does u guys go for customary n wedg dinner?? I guess this is realli individual A wedding is not about ang pows. At least thats what I thought. Its about showing family and friends that this is the person you choose to live your life with. I am proud to be with my partner and want the entire 'world' to know who we are together. If ang pows are all you are concerned about then what is wedding and marriage to you?

For me, my HB's side at 1st didnt want a customary because its like But at my point of view, I think its a must for me as I Dating for divorcees in singapore "1st time getting married".

Since financial allows, I insisted one. Have to fair for me and my family. A kind of respect as well. I find its a token.

Here's what you should do...

I wun have such thinking if I have to attend the same guy's wedding for the 19th time. Its just like paying for a nice 10 course dinner, why not? Its an occasion called for a celebration. It's the union of in alot of cases a long awaited, couple. If recouping the event's cost and seeing profit is more important or valued than sharing the pride and joy of their union, then what can I say? Then dont spend that kinda money, conduct a simple or cheap affair.

In our case too, we have spent few tens of Ks with our wedding preparation and more to come as the AD nears and it's completely ours, not a cent from either side parents but yet we dont keep any expectations or calculate how much we would be able to recoup.

It's an event Dating for divorcees in singapore long awaited for and are proud to host and thats far more valuable than any profit and loss calculation. Perhaps people have started to hold banquets as a form of ang pow collection and profit sharing occasion. Also, the value of ang pows or "Dating for divorcees in singapore" from family, relatives and friends could be an indication of how well liked you are!

Aiyor, not spending parents' money on wedding is not something to be proud of. It's a given since we are all adults Dating for divorcees in singapore. We are not expecting and that has no connection with how well liked we are.

If they are then well, "Dating for divorcees in singapore" nothing for us to be proud of. But we all know the real figure out there and for that, we are definitely proud. Nothing to be proud Dating for divorcees in singapore if it's a celebration instead of a show-off. You know what, I have learnt one lesson from this thread, especially towards you and that is to IGNORE your rants cos its mostly irrelevant and pointless.

Remember, manipulating will not change facts full-stop. Lya, Doll was not ranting. She was pointing out a flaw in your argument. When I got married finances were very tight so we had a very small casual wedding with only immediate family members and family friends.

Finances are tight for them as well. We paid the wedding ourselves and asked for everyone's presence to be their gift to us. The angpows we collected not only came as a bonus but it does validate how well we are regarded by them. We were not proud that we paid the wedding all by ourselves but it is a fact that we should as working adults.

Its not right to be judgemental saying I had a Flaw in my arguement.


It was my opinion and there's no right and wrong and expecting people to feel the same "Dating for divorcees in singapore" you do towards issues. Some may give importance to ang baos as a Dating for divorcees in singapore of recouping event's cost but I was saying that we give importance celebration then that.

What's with this guideline of how to feel and what to feel towards our personal wedding affair? Dun have to keep "sticking" the hands out to our parents Like you said we are here to share opinion. Ok ok it is MY opinion that there is a Flaw in your argument But i not judging you. You can have a grand wedding or a simple one it's none of my business.

Iris, I am not referring to the value of the angpow but the act of giving despite circumstances. That I think meant more than the actual contents in the red packet. It's different perspective you are free to comment on yours but there's no definite right or wrong thinking for you to judge on.

Flaw and wrong are Dating for divorcees in singapore. The meaning is supposed to be similar. What's so positive about the term flaw compared to wrong? What I meant by flaw here is your argument so far is rather weak.

But does not mean that argument is wrong. Hence I said there is a difference between the 2 words. Like I said what you do and how you do it is entirely your business. Even if I think you are wrong what is wrong for me to say so??? It is my opinion that you are wrong what. We are strangers and end of the day it's just an exchange of words. We all go back to our own lives. If you are not expecting any ang pows, you wouldn't be concerned if you do get any ang pows at all!

No need to pretend that ang pow money isn't important when clearly they do make a difference to your personal finance. Even the rich and famous could be concerned about Dating for divorcees in singapore pow money or gifts even though some of those weddings can be entirely sponsored.

It's a "face" issue for them. Dating for divorcees in Singapore: why you should not give up on finding love after your divorce in Singapore. There is life after divorce. This is Dave with Hot Date Ideas, I just noticed the link in my analytics report and think you made an excellent choice for your I was a divorcee w 2 kids.

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