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Things girls look for in a guy

Naked xXx Things girls look for in a guy.

For your average guy, figuring out what a woman wants in a relationship can be difficult. You want to make her happy, but it seems impossible to read her emotions, mannerisms and the nuances in her character. While the article includes 15 things women look for in a man that are generally true, every woman is slightly different. Some women want a gamer with a long ponytail and others want a man who looks like a logger-turned-Abercrombie-model. It would be impossible to get a single man who is perfect for every woman on earth.

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With that said, we will help you out by getting as close as possible. Every woman is different, but most will appreciate a guy who has some or all of the following qualities. A charming man is one of the first things that attracts a woman. Yes, your looks are important. Looks alone are not enough to woo a lady though.

While the article includes 15...

Your charm makes you approachable, interesting and unique. Plus, it is an easy way to make you more attractive than your looks alone.

If you are normally an 8 or a 9, adding a bit of charm could easily boost you to a perfect 10 on the scale of attractiveness. For a one night stand, a woman only needs someone who has an okay personality.

For a relationship or even a longer fling, you have to have the right personality.

Girls look for that genuine...

Your personalities have to blend well together or you will be too incompatible for a longer relationship. I once had a guy friend who asked me out.

Later on, he shaved his long, greasy hair, grew a well-trimmed beard and lost the look of constantly being hung over. It made me do a double-take. You would be amazed at the difference that grooming can make, especially if you are normally lazy about it.

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Keep your clothes clean, trim the beard or shave regularly, keep your hair cut and dress as well as you can. If no one thinks well of you, the women that you meet will take their cue.

They just met you, so they have to go on what other people think to some extent. If everyone thinks you are flaky or a jerk, that attitude is going to spread. Women like to be respected by the man they date, but they also want to be with a man who is worthy of their respect.

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Ideally, we could all meet online and find the perfect personality match before we tried to see how compatible we are in the looks department. This is not how it actually works. For hundreds of thousands of years, humans have used the way someone looks to decide whether they will chat them up or not.

First, she will immediately decide if you are a possible partner because of how you look.

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Next, she will talk to you and find out if everything else about you is compatible as well. If you want to successfully find a girlfriend Things girls look for in a guy date, spend some time working on your biceps and deltoids.

As you work out more, you will start to look healthier, sexier and more confident. This one is not quite as true anymore. After all, most women have jobs and careers to build. Wanting someone with a good job is not just the s ideal of having a man who can take care of you. Now, women want a man with a good job because they have good jobs, and they want a guy who is at a similar place in life.

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