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Romantix san diego glory hole

Porn Pics & Movies Romantix san diego glory hole.

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You can also know them because they have a TS section.

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This is important because while they might only be some scumbags trying to hijack our traffic, they might also be a nationwide collection of our least favorite uncle. Again we are usaadultclassifieds with an s.

Results 1 to 15 of This blog is moderated by Takes A Looks. This thread has been inactive for a bit. Curious if there are any female serviced gloryholes near downtown or el segundo area? I've looked on CL, but not a whole lot. Any recommendations near El Segundo? Now they try to say it's a girl in there but you get mixed answers to that from people who have Romantix san diego glory hole there.

I did it once under the thought that it was a girl and I'll tell you it was the greatest Romantix san diego glory hole of my life. I still think back on that and wonder if it really was a girl. Looking for a hole.

I've never tried a glory hole buy would live to ove this weekend.

If I could get some info on whe re I can find a Romantix san diego glory hole gay glory hole. Now that is flippin funny. It would seem the advantage to this method, is that you can be reasonably sure it is a female sucking your dick and not some gay guy cat fishing you through a hole.

I would be very interested in visiting this glory hole in Encino. Can you provide inf I would appreciate very much if you could provide me the info to the gh in Encino. I have been looking for a gh for a little while that has a girl on the other side. This seems like an ideal situation.

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I will report back with a post on my experience. Thank you for your help in this. Advantage It would seem the advantage to this method, is that you can be reasonably sure it is a female sucking your dick and not some gay guy cat fishing you through a hole. I haven't seen their ad in the last couple of months, but they have been advertising regular for the last couple years.

They are a couple in Encino who run a unique twist on this.

Get to the back and a side door. It's unlocked, so you open it up and see they have fabricated a roofed cubicle inside their garage.

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There is the hole in the wall at waist height and built into the wall above the hole at pretty much eye level is a TV monitor. Pretty hot wife alone or sometimes her and her girlfriend. You do and say the niceties, slip your donation thru a conveniently located slot in the wall, whip out "Big Jim and the Twins" stick it thru the Romantix san diego glory hole and then watch the rest of the action you are feeling of the girl or girls on the TV monitor.

Man you got to love progress!

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The only down side is that it is rather pricey. I had heard they were planning on offering a video version from the girls side of things for you to take. Home as a memento or keep sake for an additional donation accordingly.

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Don't know if they ever got that option off the ground or not. Unique Twist on an age old theme. I'd like to resurrect this thread. Wife looking for a private gloryhole party this seems like the best bet where DH and I can be on one side and some nice cocks to suck and fuck can come through the GH for me to pleasure. Does such a thing exist? I used to love arcade girls Romantix san diego glory hole now it seems they're all full of dudes.

There was one in Oceanside I used to visit in Romantix san diego glory hole early 90's where chicks would come right in and fuck. Then you'd buy them a beer or something at the bar across the street. Now I'm creeped out. Are there really that many dudes looking to suck other dudes out there? Just leave me alone and I don't care what you suck on.

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