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Is amy adams a natural redhead

xXx Images Is amy adams a natural redhead.
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Is having red hair the luck of the Irish? Some may say so. But what about those who aren't Irish? Red hair is the most rare, unique color and it gives Hollywood actresses an extra edge—it's a trademark!

But some shades of red, like auburn and deep strawberry blond, are just so gorgeous that one can't help but wonder: Is that a dye job? You may be surprised! Natural Chastian's gorgeous scarlet locks are her own!

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But as I grew older and more comfortable, it became a badge of honor. Dye job That's right.

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This fiery red head, whose been red for what seems like most of her lifeis actually a natural blond. Now that's a good dye job.

Natural If you ever had any doubt that Moore wasn't born with it just take a look at this picture of the actress and her daughterwhose hair is as equally red. Dye job While Stone pulls off a crimson color incredibly well, this may not come as a surprise since the actress has also dubbed blond and brunette hair throughout her career.

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Natural The Australian actress was born a redhead! Her strawberry blond strands complement her alabaster skin, of which Kidman told us she has protected from the sun starting at a very young age by "staying in[doors] far more than most kids.

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Dye job Without a dye job, Messing would be a brunette! Check out her yearbook picture.

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Natural When the actress was younger, her color was more strawberry blondbut today the actress works a deep auburn tone. Natural While the actress has dabbled with blond highlightsshe's naturally a Titian-haired beauty.

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By Alexandra DeRosa Mar 14, Pin FB ellipsis More. Amy Adams has stuck to long red locks for as long as she's been a Long before she started sporting flame-red hair as Black Widow in The. Amy Adams.

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