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Couples wanting to meet other couples

Naked xXx Couples wanting to meet other couples.

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Largest Couples Meetups

Just looking for couples for friends non sexualwe are not chruch goers, no kids, very quiet and "homey", enjoy sports not rabid fansmovies, the usual stuff I guess. We are in our early 40s and late 30s.

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Of course we don't know where to find anyone either! I've heard Meetup groups are good. I've gone to their website but so far we just haven't had much time to go to any of the meetings.

In the past, work and school were where we found our friends. Here are some websites you can check out.

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They are for exactly what you describe: My hub and I have met a few couples through these, although none of these sites are as active as I wish they were. Local musuems usually have arts support clubs.

Volunteer with an organization you would enjoy - animal shelter, recycling, arts, park clean-up, helping kids, meals on wheels, etc. I hang with a lot of other single women, and we are almost all friends with various couples where we get along with both parties quite well.

There is NO hanky panky going on, trust me. Just a lot of shared interests - most of these people are involved in the same sporting activities or dog events.

Mentally healthy people are not going to implode their entire social life or happy marriage because they experience a fleeting attraction.

5 Best Websites for Couples...

Go to favorite places like a park, lake, or restaurant If you get a dog to walk I'm quite active in Meetup, but I must say that it's not great for meeting couples. There are a few couples groups and they usually aren't active and eventually die out. Except for the couples groups, most MU groups are singles never married, divorced, widowed.

Usually a couple isn't equally social. So one may join a Meetup group, but when push comes to shove, the other spouse may not want to attend and so they wind up not going.

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And it's hard enough to find one person who you click withcan be really difficult with a couple usually a case of love him, hate her or occasionally the reverse. Although I am married, I actually don't care too much about finding couples. I'm fine hanging out with singles.

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