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Christian dating ice breakers


Icebreakers are one way to get the juices flowing no matter the makeup of the group or the topics to be studied or covered. There are a number of Christian-oriented icebreakers that can be used with almost any aged group and 15 suggested ones are listed here. In order to put group participants at ease and to help them get acquainted with others in the group, particularly with those who may only know one another casually, good Christian icebreakers initially involve getting to know others and creating a level of comfort for whatever the group is going to be discussing or the time allotted.

One of several ways way to do that is to ask Christian dating ice breakers in the group what makes them blessed? Ask them to write out the first letters of their name on a colorful piece of paper or on a white erase board. The same idea can be used with how the letters of a given name describe the person Christian dating ice breakers. Provide dictionaries and thesauruses for extra word help.

One more twist on this icebreaker is asking group members whether their first or middle names have major significance in any way such as whether their first or middle name was taken from another family name or family tradition of assigning and carrying on names.

Christian Icebreakers

Asking God questions is another good approach to easing awkwardness in a group setting as everyone wants answers to questions that remain unanswered, particularly in the most blatant of circumstances and situations. This activity could be done individually, with a partner or as a group with everyone providing an answer and an appointed person Christian dating ice breakers out the questions on a white erase or chalkboard with discussions that follow.

Winning the lottery and what a person would do with the winnings seems to be a universal kind of icebreaker. The question could be administered individually or done on a group basis with everyone providing answers as to what a person would, should or could do with a major win. Christian icebreakers usually involve activities affiliated with the Bible and scriptures, and one idea that is always enjoyable to use with members of younger groups is identifying bible characters through specific scriptures and actual character cutouts.

Biblical characters, such "Christian dating ice breakers" Moses holding the Ten Commandments, can be placed on a magnetic board and a scripture attributed to them matched with the character. Ask group members to identify the character and put the right figure with the quoted scripture. Mix and match a number of characters and scriptures to make the activity varied Christian dating ice breakers fun.

For example, take the scripture from Exodus 9: Another take off on scripture matching is to provide more prominent scripture passages with a significant word or words left out one within the scripture. Ask group members to fill in and provide the missing word.

Here are 40 icebreaker questions...

This activity can be Christian dating ice breakers more quickly in pairs using a white erase board and access to scriptures with a matching word list for access with the appropriate fill in words. If you could be part of any miraculous or other happening recorded in Christian history, what would it be and why?

For example, how would you feel if you were in Bethlehem at the time Christian dating ice breakers the birth of Jesus, or in the midst of the parting of the Red Sea or amongst those who were miraculously healed at the Grotto in Lourdes, France in the 19th Century and beyond?

The 7 Deadly Relationship Sins

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of God? This could be another activity where everyone participates on both an individual and group basis with either writing out the answer Christian dating ice breakers a separate sheet of paper or on a white erase or chalkboard Christian dating ice breakers answers being given in a spontaneous fashion.

A twist with this activity would be what was your first thought of God as a child?

1. What Makes Me Blessed?

Who do you were some of the "Christian dating ice breakers" Christians alive today or from the past. With this question, the answers can span from the time of the New Testament to the 21st Century. Examples could include great pastors, prophets, theologians, saints, etc. Try to come up with at least ten 10 individuals from the past and present that have had major influences in Christianity. In looking at yourself in Christian dating ice breakers, what are three things you really like about yourself?

5 great Christian ice breakers...

Another twist on this same topic could include what would you change about yourself that would help you become a better Christian? What event, occurrence, or circumstance in your Christian dating ice breakers led you to become a Christian? Was there a major turning point that led to acceptance? This could be either an individual or group activity that would help to put others at ease and to compare answers that might be similar in nature.

Everyone in the group is asked to jot down three different things about themselves and their line of work or vocation that is unknown to the others in the group. At least two of the items are true and one is not. Each group member presents their facts to the group and then everyone takes a vote as to which item about the person is not true. This activity can have surprising turnarounds as well as help others to get to know one another.

It can be done with an erase board approach or with individual note cards or colored paper. What Christian book or movie that you read or viewed recently, or in the past, would you recommend to others in the group that best represents Christian life today and true biblical history? Let the whole group brainstorm and come up with the top five books and movies that have had a major impact on Christians and others.

If you were able to visit heaven, what biblical person would you talk to besides Jesus? For example, the Apostle Paul Christian dating ice breakers be someone from the New Testament era that would provide hours of dialogue and inspiration. What Christian person that you have met and known has had the most influence in your life and why? That person could be a pastor, close friend, Christian dating ice breakers, or mentor. Think about whether that individual caused a turning point in your Christian walk.

If you were able to have influence over just one of those problems, what would that problem be and how would you try to change it? Many would probably want to talk about the persecution that Christians face around the world today, the banishment Christian dating ice breakers prayer or the tearing down of Christian monuments. Looking back on your week or the past few dayswhat was the most enlightening event or encounter that struck you as memorable and lasting?

Perhaps a smile, handshake or a few encouraging words Christian dating ice breakers a feeling of well-being and confidence to your week. Maybe interfacing with a less fortunate person in a positive way or helping Christian dating ice breakers facing difficulty would be a reminder of what a Christian outlook can do for others outside of your inner circle. There are hundreds of ideas and variations of ideas and activities that Christian dating ice breakers be used as icebreakers for most any Christian gathering.

They usually take up a small amount of time at the beginning of a get-together but are meant to put those in attendance at ease and more comfortable with the subject matter that is going to be discussed or studied later on in the meeting. One way to help people to intermingle with one another and know more about each other is Christian dating ice breakers the use of short and interactive activities, and some of those listed here can help get a group get off to a good start.

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1) Not everyone has a job; 2) Not everyone Christian skits: You've spent hours upon hours planning an excellent Christian youth camp or try using these Christian icebreaker questions Christian dating ice breakers this basic icebreaker practice.

Here are 40 icebreaker questions that you can email your prospective boyfriend or girlfriend (but not all at once unless you want to overwhelm.

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