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When you are compiling a list of the hottest girls on YouTubeand you are limiting that list to only five, you run a real risk of making enemies — particularly in my Sexy girls youtub, because my job is to interview a lot of these beautiful ladies, and in ranking them based on x factors of my choosing, I can come off looking like a jerk or a creep.

The good news is, I am a jerk and a creep, and as such, I have no problem ranking according to superficial hotness usually, I prefer my women a little skankierbut I am sticking with Sexy girls youtub YouTube gives me.

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Face, for me, beats body every time. And cool personality trumps body for me but not face! Both girls are beautiful in their own magical way, but we all know that. Taking up two spots out of five for those two would make for a very boring list.

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How MLK of me, right? Latoya Forever strikes me as a pure YouTube beauty because in addition to being a knockout, she is fiery and funny. And me knowing that gives me the opportunity to cover them with a frying pan before her long-ass nails can dig in. Holy sexy accent, Batman!

5. Josy Carver

Also, I chose a beauty guru over a fitness guru because I can talk about how hot a girl is all day; I can only make excuses for why there are Nutella stains on everything I own for so long. But seriously, I am in Sexy girls youtub of this girl.

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Lets just say she is gonna make some guy very lucky some day Jeff sits in the dark corner of Sexy girls youtub dingy apartment, crying, eating expired chili from the can. We provide her with subscribers, she allows us to look at her and be teased. It is creepy to see it written out like that particularly because I wrote that sentence nakedbut it is the truth.

Bar none, she is the sexiest of the sexy on YouTube. This whole generation of new media artists has a vibrant, can-do, wear as many hats as possible while knocking the socks off of viewers at home attitu Hey there, love-lorn YouTube fan or creator.

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Just because you make or are dating someone who makes YouTube videos for a living, it doesn't mean you ca YouTube, through their Next But a close second is when someone films some would-be epic video in […].

But just what the hell is that need, and Sexy girls youtub am I a slave to […].

4. Latoya Forever

But perhaps unbeknownst to you, he is a creator Sexy girls youtub and now, clearly, he […]. Zoella Holy sexy accent, Batman! July 24,1: June 28, May 17,3: May 14, March 8,4: Creator Lab Winter Class of March 7,5: February 25,3: February 25, February 13,4: January 30, January 18, If you enjoyed this video please hit the "Like" button for me, it's showing your support and helps me a lot.

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