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Getting delivered from homosexuality and christianity


As a young gay man, David Bennett believed Christianity stood in the way of progress. That was before he had his life transformed by an encounter with God inside a pub. I grew up in Australia and had an amazing childhood with two wonderful parents. I was a very spiritually sensitive person; always asking the deeper questions of life.

But I found the Christian world deeply uncompelling. I had relatives who had strong views on homosexuality and "Getting delivered from homosexuality and christianity" say things that were disparaging.

I was sitting in a park age 14 with one of my boyfriends, and we were kissing.

Jun 8, Those who believe...

A man pulled up on a motorbike, raised the visor on his helmet, picked up this large brick and threw it onto my back. I remember this rage and anger within me, at how such homophobia and hatred could exist in our society. I connected my Getting delivered from homosexuality and christianity of Christianity with that act of throwing the brick against my back. Christianity became the thing that was in the way of progress and of gay rights.

It shouldn't surprise Christians that...

But I found that there was this vacuum in my life and something was missing. My aunt and uncle were the crazy fundamentalists that actually believed this Jesus stuff. I was asking apologetics questions to my uncle in a very emotional way!

He intellectually defeated me!

Mar 17, If you seek...

I saw a girl there who was a filmmaker. I wanted to interview her for the student publication. Would you mind if I prayed for you? I went into this eternal moment, and I Getting delivered from homosexuality and christianity like time stopped around me.

I felt this tingling sensation on the top of my head, and then it was as if someone was pouring a vial of oil over my head, and it was going all the way through my body. I was weeping healing tears. I got home; my mum was waiting up. I came to a point where I had to become poor sexually, to inherit the kingdom of God. I believe scripture lands on the side of the orthodox traditional perspective.

Twenty years ago, God set...

For me it was getting the law to be written on my heart — not just understanding the law in my mind. And that Getting delivered from homosexuality and christianity a long process as I gave my homosexuality to God. The thing that worries me the most for the Church today is the notion that if we compromise our holiness — if we compromise our view on sexuality — then the people will be evangelised more easily and more people will come to Christ.

I cannot iterate how wrong that logic is. In that pub, I sensed the holiness of God.

Because the church was being...

If you are gay, that cannot separate you from the love of God. God loves you and that is an unconditional offer. David Bennett was speaking to Sam Hailes. We meet three evangelical church leaders who have decided to go public about their sexuality. In this final exchange Steve Chalke and Vicky Beeching is being unfairly harassed by some Christians.

We need to pray for her. A Different Kind of Coming Out. Because the church was being established in this city, it Getting delivered from homosexuality and christianity important that new B. Homosexual behavior is sin because it is contrary to God's created order for.

The practicing homosexual who wants to be delivered from the penalty and. Jun 8, Those who believe that homosexuality is a sin often point to several in God's image reminds us from the get-go that everyone is a sacred.

Mar 17, If you seek Getting delivered from homosexuality and christianity be delivered from homosexuality you may feel as if your Sometimes God has other priorities in order to get you to the point.

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