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While we can't make you an antique watch expert with just a Pocket watch swinging web pages, we can share a little of our knowledge with you in order to help you learn more about your vintage or antique watch. We hope we can provide answers to some of the more common questions you may have about your vintage watch, and help you learn more about this fascinating area of American history. A properly functioning hunter case has a latch, usually made of steel, which catches on the Pocket watch swinging of the front cover, usually made of gold or gold-plated brass, and keeps the cover closed.

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To open the watch, you depress the crown the winding knob which is connected through a spring to the latch. When closing a hunter-case watch, it's important that you don't "snap" the case-lid shut. Doing so will quickly wear out the spot on the case-rim where the latch engages, Pocket watch swinging if you're lucky enough to have a solid gold case. The steel latch is much harder than either the soft gold of a karat case, or even the gold-plated brass of a gold-filled case. Once the case rim is worn out, the only real option is to have it repaired by a skilled goldsmith.

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No amount of bending and twisting of the case lid and hinges is going to make the latch hold once the case rim is worn out. It's also important that Pocket watch swinging don't press the cover down into the crystal Pocket watch swinging the watch. Sometimes the clearance between the case lid and the crystal is VERY small, and we've seen many a broken crystal from someone closing their hunter case with a big ol' thumb pushing down right in the middle of the case-lid.

So to close the cover on a hunter-case watch: This simple habit will save you from a costly case or crystal repair down the road. If we want to open the watch case so Pocket watch swinging we can see the movement the working parts of the watch, then we've got to figure out what kind of case it is.

It's probably one of four most common types: Let's look at each of these in more detail:. As the name suggests, the backs of these sorts of pocket watch cases simply unscrew.

Pocketwatch Case Back Types

For a screw-off back, you should be able to see a seam-line that separates the back from the body of the case. If it's a screw-off back there should be no sign of a hinge attaching the back to the body.

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