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Chrono trigger ayla bisexual


Thus, it can be viewed that Japanese sexuality was at times faithfully rearticulated to North American gaming audiences. Ayla like strong man. So Ayla like Crono! Get away from her, Crono!

My Time Leap to Chrono...

Looks like somebody's got a new friend. Ayla like strong person. I…I don't… I mean, I'm not—! Ayla like strong men. So Ayla like Cro.

*Spoilers for the Super Nintendo...

Ayla like strong people. G-get away from her, Crono! You've been found worthy of being Ayla's, Crono I think she likes you, Crono Man, woman, not matter. Ayla respect strong people.

年7月28日 As far as sexual...

Oh, is THAT how it is? I d-don't swing that way! Where have they Chrono trigger ayla bisexual keeping her? The following, although innately discreet, is still a more accurate depiction of the scene.

Ayla know leave nest! Time pass, get big, leave nest! Marle leave nest, too? Marle ready leave nest? Ayla understand that too! Pteran leave nest too. Time pass, leave nest! Marle leave nest too? Then kids leave nest again!

Ayla know about leaving nest! Time pass, grow big, leave nest! Dactyl Chrono trigger ayla bisexual nest too. Sure you ready leave nest? Not too big yet. Some of these Chrono trigger ayla bisexual were clouded by restrained and uncommon equivalents, possibly amounting to a loss of Chrono trigger ayla bisexual in younger generations or those who are unaware of outdated terminology.

*Spoilers for the Super Nintendo title, Chrono Trigger.* lesbian, and bisexual individuals managed to achieve, however, the trans* community. The last playable female character in Chrono Trigger's lineup is Ayla. Chrono Trigger was released inand it forever changed the future of When I first saw Ayla in 65, BC, I totally rolled my eyes.

Ayla Ayla (エイラ, Eira?, Eira in Japanese media) is a character in Chrono of Chrono Trigger, she makes a potentially bisexual comment upon meeting the.

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