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Focalin side effects sexual


I registered to ask this question: I've been looking around online and even asked my pharmacist, but I haven't found any mention of this particular side-effect. I don't take focalin every day, only when I'm at school or work.

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It's supposed to help me focus, but sometimes I find myself thinking "Focalin side effects sexual" about sex than what my instructors are saying in class. I'm pretty sure it has to be the medication, since I don't get like this otherwise.

I also notice that the actual act of sex seems to be enhanced if I've taken it that day.

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How can I counteract it? I find it likely that a stimulant Focalin side effects sexual increase your sex drive. Personally, Ive encountered the opposite effect while on ritalin and focalin, erectile dysfunction.

It probably increases peoples' sex drive, but at higher doses its vascoconstrictive effect limits blood flow to my ummmmmmm reproductive organ. Yes, the rapid dopamine increase in the Focalin side effects sexual caused by stimulants will frequently increase libido.

But the norepinephrine increase causes sexual dysfunction. Focalin is more selective for dopamine over norepinephrine than racemic methylphenidate, much like dextroamphetamine is more dopamine selective than racemic amphetamine or even adderall.

So it's less likely to cause sexual dysfunction than ritalin. Such a rapid dopamine release can be habit forming, and it signifies that you're taking a rather high dose all at once.

If you notice decreased effectiveness, rapid tolerance development, or unacceptably rapid loss of treatment benefits, you should consider taking small doses frequently with food instead of large doses taken infrequently on an empty stomach. I switched to Focalin 4 days ago from Adderall. On Adderall I never thought about sex hardly, only the important priorities in my life. I only stopped taking it because I didn't think I could handle thinking slower on it reaching for words all the timeso I just tried Focalin 4 days ago.

On Focalin I think clearly a lot of thoughts all the time still thoughjust with a wakefullness all "Focalin side effects sexual" time that keeps me focused on tasks and less stressed about "Focalin side effects sexual" else I have to do, but I notice I'm thinking about sex A LOT more very bad loland I already know Focalin is not the right med for me alone.

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Today it happened again started off productive, though all the procrastinating stuff I tend to doand then I started thinking about sex a lot. All times are GMT The time now is Odd side-effect not listed. Focalin side effects sexual side-effect not listed I registered to ask this question: Find all posts by GuinnessSteve. Odd side-effect not listed I find it likely that a stimulant would increase your sex drive.

Find all posts by Alex9. Odd side-effect not listed Yes, the rapid dopamine increase Focalin side effects sexual the brain caused by stimulants will frequently increase libido. Find all posts by jadamgo. Odd side-effect not listed I switched to Focalin 4 days ago from Adderall. Find all posts by MedStudent Facebook Twitter Focalin side effects sexual del.

Adderall side effect question. Possible Vynanse Side Effect.

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Has anyone had a better side effect profile with adderal than with dexedrine? Is this a side effect of adderall? Here we will describe the side effects of a selected list of ADHD vision, dry mouth, urinary disturbances, constipation and sexual problems. Find information about common, infrequent and rare side effects of Focalin XR Oral.

Aggressive Behavior; Altered Interest In Having Sexual Intercourse. Learn about the side effects "Focalin side effects sexual" men might experience while taking Adderall.

While many Focalin side effects sexual report that Adderall negatively affects their sex life, some men.

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