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Pua training texting

Pron Videos Pua training texting.

So you met a hot girl, had fun the night you met her, and got her phone number.

This article will give you some basic principles on how to see her again. Your plans to see a girl a second time begin before you ask for her number.

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You let it drop. Well, anything that gives you interesting things to look at, do, or talk about while spending time together. But really, coming up with a great D2 is about coming up with activities that you already want to do.

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Texting is a trap that many PUAs fall into. Mystery recommends sending a light, funny text the night you get her number. It makes her smile, and it puts your name and number in her phone.

Save the small talk for being in person or being on the phone. On the phone, you can hear it in her voice.

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A good text is light and funny. It makes her laugh or smile — it gives her good emotions to associate with you.

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If you get a response, great! This is a key rule of thumb for texting: Examples of good texts are: Can you handle an honest compliment?

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Phone game is much simpler. Get off the phone without asking her out.

Repeat, and the second time invite her to the Pua training texting, chat a bit, then get off the phone. The key principles here are a willingness to get off the phone first, and the call being about something other than asking her out.

Talk for five minutes, and then be in the middle of something and have to go.

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The phone call was a spontaneous act! Real plans involve a specific time and place.

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If she gives you the runaround, give her a second chance, but then move on. Comments Off on Day Twos. Day Twos So you met a hot girl, had fun the night you Pua training texting her, and got her phone number.

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